International Commerce

What becomes of International Commerce when no country uses money ?


Jesuits Are Confessors

“Above all things, Jesuits are confessors. Their services unto the royalty were urged as a need, as they became assigned to hear the confessions of the aristocrats, emperors, kings, queens, princes, princesses,[royal] mistresses, those in every level of government they all revealed their secret plans, their intimate sins, their inner-most thoughts, as their lives became virtually an open book to the Jesuits.Through various means of diplomacy, Jesuits worked their way into offices of State, climbing up to be the counselors of kings, and shaping the policy of nations. But it was religion and its sacred duties of hearing the confessions of their penitents, and being their religious wise guides, that was the key to their success. Without the need of a religious confessor, the history of the Jesuits may have been quite different. And the Jesuits made very sure that it was they who filled that need as confessors [Ed. Note:especially to the rich and power elite] instead of the other orders of priests, by providing a most attractive policy of leniency as an enticement for their penitents.” John Daniel (Author of the book The Grand Design Exposed)