From the beginning of our history almost, mankind has depended on money, of some sort or another, to exchange for goods and services. To stop this insanity, the first thing we must all do is, NO ONE PANIC. Everyone, just keep doing what you have always done, get up, go to work, then day by day, little by little, until everyone catches on, and gets the concept, and has time to adjust to a completely new way of thinking. Once everyone has had time to think about things, that the sky is not going to fall, and the earth is not going to open up and swallow them, then one little change at a time, we can all adjust to a new life, where no one needs or uses money, currency, for anything. 

We can start with little baby steps. 

For instance, physically, electricity is a form of energy and cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed, it is the invisible force that bonds all mater. Whether we use it or not, it is present all around us at all times, even our own bodies function partially, by electric energy. 

When the blades of a turbine generator are placed into a flowing stream of water, the electricity produced is free, except for the grease for the bearings, and the initial cost of the wires to distribute the electricity to our homes, electricity is free energy. It is just that the governments have discovered a way to use it as a revenue stream by taxing it. Your electric bill is a tax, the electricity itself is a gift from God for free. If you take the meter out of the path of the electricity in your home, the only law of physics you will be breaking, is that established by tax codes. 

Water comes up from streams in the ground, and it falls from the sky. When you were born, you brought no water into the world, and you can take none out of this world when you die. Every drop of water the earth was given when it was formed, is still here. Water is a gift from God for free. If you take the water meter out of the pipes, leading into your home, the only thing that would change, is that your water bill would be zero. Your water bill is simply a tax, the water itself, falls from the sky for free. 

If we can begin with these two things, no electric bills for anyone, no water bills for anyone, after people see, that the world is not going to come to an end, if we do not get a utility bill in the mail, then we can move on to the next step. 

Every single thing that we need to live, was already on this earth when we were born, it is God, who provides all of the things that we need to live for free. Standing between the things that we need to live, the things God provides for free, is the selfishness and greed of man. 




One thought on “HOW DO WE START

  1. Finally someone gets it! It’s cool we made so much stuff but like yeah, it’s too bad it took the cteation of money to generate ideas and motivation. But if the worlds hip, we can keep things rolling without the dept. God or no god. Peace.


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