All Conversations – In One Way Or Another – Center Around Money

The information I am including about the Illuminati are not to be taken as some sore of endorsement of them, just the opposite. As a child my father talked to me sometimes about the world condition and politics, and I remember him mentioning the name Rockefeller and Rothschild , and that the president of America didn’t really control the country, neither did the Senate or House, but rather the country was controlled by large corporations and bankers. This information is not obscure, it has even found it’s way into pop culture. Today we see everywhere the signs being thrown up that represent the Illuminati. it seems odd to me, that in particular, Americans, are unable to view beyond their cast vote, who really pulls the strings, for the puppets we call politicians. All conversations in our governments, all of them, are centered around the discussion of the collection and distribution of money. All of our political efforts, are about money. The largest resource that earth has, is the human resource, and yet every waking moment of human existence, is in someway controlled by money. Almost all conversations that we engage in, our entire intellectual focus, has its foundation the subject of money. Our television programming is centered around money, usually how best to spend it. The conversations within the screenplay, are centered around money, and usually the problems being faced within the plots are caused because of the lack of it, and too much of it in the hands of the powerful. Money and the oppression that it buys, and believe it, oppression is the only commodity of money, it the primary tool and catalyst of religion. Do away with money and religion will quickly fade into obscurity. Jesus said, you received free, give free, and there is only one faith on earth that lives by that, and how curious it is that they do not view themselves as a religion. The world might, but they do not. The Illuminati is all about money and the domination of those without it. Do away with money, and I am talking about all forms of currency, not even puke shells will be traded for goods and services, then the Illuminati would disappear. That day will come, when all forms of money and currency, and the evil that money buys, will be gone.