None Of Us Really Know

I was asked a question, “Now why in the world would the United States or the United Nations go after the Catholic Church”. So I posted a whole bunch of reasons. The Catholic Church has been around from the second century but it’s roots go all the way back to Babylon. Today, the Illuminati, the Jesuits, control the banking systems, it is common knowledge that Bank of America was owned by the Catholic Church, which holds your Mortgage. The world bank, and the IMF the Bank of England is controlled by the Jesuits, IE the Vatican. So here are just a sample of quotes from famous men about their views of the Jesuits and the Vatican. Also take a look at what Abraham Lincoln, Adams, and Jefferson said about the Jesuits. All wars are fought over religion, the only way to end war is to end religion, and right now, the United Nations is preparing to do just that, it will lead to massive civil unrest, and that will be the perfect time to reset the currency while they have us all locked up. But, in reality, none of us know how things are going to progress or in what order, or even when, the bible tells us it comes as a surprise, but what we do know, is that something big is in the works, and we need to pay attention. Read the things I have written and watch the videos, it will help you to understand.